Nutritional Facts About Tequila

Nutritional Facts About Tequila

Nutritional Facts About Tequila

According to the old saying, “Everything is fine in moderation. There are plenty of good reasons to avoid overdoing it with alcohol. What about the other components that are used in the production of Tequila? What nutrition information must you be aware of prior to purchasing an ounce?

Drinks that are sugary, like beer as well as wine, can lead to catastrophe if you’re trying to control your body weight. However, there’s a bright side: spirits that are distilled, such as Tequila, can be a great way to have a good time without consuming unnecessary sugary substances. The nutrition in Tequila is advantageous whether you’re on a diet or just are looking to make better choices regarding the consumption of alcohol.

100% Agave

Top-quality Tequila such as Volans Extra Anejo is made using 100% Blue Weber Agave. It is an absolute star in every sense. Natural sweetness makes drinks much more appealing, and no sweeteners are necessary.

Tequila that is authentically distilled has around 70 calories per shot, which is one of the most low-calorie spirits available on shelves. It is possible to make delicious cocktails using it; however, drinking it on ice is just as enjoyable.

Tequila’s nutrients include a low level of carbohydrates and a low carb count. A single shot contains approximately one gram of carbohydrates. In comparison, craft beers could cost 30 grams of carbs or more for a pint. If you’re following a strict carbohydrate lifestyle, Tequila is an ideal choice.


Some want to steer clear of gluten due to dietary concerns. Some people find removing gluten from your table and from your shot glass is essential for health.

Being affected by gluten sensitivity or Celiac illness can cause parties or nights out drinks at home a challenge. Tequila, however authentic, can be made by using the agave plant. It was not created with grains during the creation of this drink.

Agave is reported to be less irritable to digest than other alcohol components that are commonly used. Hops, wheat and rice aren’t part of the formula, which means those who suffer from gluten can consume Tequila and not suffer from digestive problems.

Voted Least Likely to Cause a Hangover

Note: drinking alcohol that is consumed in large quantities will end up affecting you in the day. However, sometimes, you’ll wake in a state of discomfort, even when you’ve not overindulged. How come?

There’s a substance called congeners. They are the bioactive chemicals within all alcoholic drinks. The greater the number of congeners is the more unpleasant the hangover. Are there any congeners in Tequila? Yes, but in smaller quantities as liquors such as whiskey, brandy or Rum.

Clear tequilas like Volans Blanco have the lowest quantity of congeners. If you stick to Tequila, you’ll be less likely to get up in the morning with a heavy head or stomach that is upset. The naturally sweet and silky smoothness of agave pure Tequila comes to the rescue. Drinks with carbonation and mixers that contain sugar can cause unpleasant hangover. If you choose premium Tequila, it gives you the possibility of avoiding the mixers that cause hangovers.

Cheers to Your Health

Tequila, with a high rating, is among the top alcoholic drinks that you can drink, particularly in the event that you’re following your food habits closely. The chemical makeup and the substances in Tequila make it an ideal choice when you’re worried about your digestive system or are waking up with headaches. Choose a 100 percent blue agave Tequila the next time you’re celebrating and need to relax for an evening in your home.

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