5 Wearable Winter 2023 Fashion Trends to Try

5 Wearable Winter 2023 Fashion Trends to Try

The votes have been counted, and they were unanimous! Everyone wants more winter fashion inspiration, so let’s talk about the latest trending winter styles.

You’ve probably heard that the best seasons to discover the latest fashions are spring and Autumn, as it’s when Fashion Week runway shows happen. However, micro trends and colors are introduced in the off-seasons of big-box stores where most of us shop. And this is what we’re discussing today.

I conducted some Google studies to see what “experts” are saying about the fashions for Winter 2023 fashion trends; however, this list of fashionable winter fashion trends is similar to what I’m seeing at our most loved retailers like the LOFT, Evereve, J.Crew, and Nordstrom.

As always, I need to state this disclaimer whenever discussing fashion trends: You must always dress the way you enjoy, regardless of what “trend reports” say. It does not mean you must wear it. Be selective about fashions, and test the ones compatible with your style, body type, and lifestyle.

But don’t ignore something just because you don’t love it initially. Refraining from trying different things is a sure chance to get stuck in the same fashion rut. So, take the time to be flexible, and think about how you could take some or all of these styles to benefit you before choosing to stay clear of each one.

These are five Winter 2023 Fashion wearable trends you should try this season. Puffer boots are either brand new to the fashion world or fashion trends from the fall that are currently in vogue.”

1. Bold & Bright Hues

We saw bright and bold shades taking over the season, and “dopamine dressing” is still famous in 2023. (Dopamine dressing means dressing in bold, striking colors that can boost spirits.)

However, while the fall season was all about red and pink, and the colors are still fashionable, I now see an abundance of green and blue! You’ll see this color change if you visit almost any fashion site or go through their stores near the mall.

If you’re a fan of these hues, it’s the moment to get them! If they’re not your style, consider incorporating one or two accessories into your outfit… opt for a more striking or bright shade. (I was not feeling it as often in Autumn, but I’m in love with pink now!)

You can take this look off the table to get into vibrant colors. I also read a report on trends claiming minimalist silhouettes from the 90s with neutral tones such as browns, grays, creams, and blacks are currently appearing. That’s interesting!

The good thing is that there’s something to suit everyone in the world right now, and there are many ways to look trendy. The authenticity of a look is more important than fads every moment of the day!

Moving away from trending colors, here are a few of the latest clothing and shoe styles in fashion at the moment…

2. Puffer Boots

Yes, puffer BOOTS! Puffer coats and vests are also in style. Puffer boots are among the latest micro trends to appear for the winter of 2023. Think 1980’s moon boots reinvented to 2023.

The great thing about this style is that it’s practical and comfortable. If you’re looking for snow boots, it’s the easiest method to participate. However, you can get fashionable boots pretty close there if you’re sure you’re ready to get a full 80’s moon boots.

If you’re not thrilled with this style (and it was tough to find a pair I would feel comfortable wearing), consider an oversized lug sole. There are a lot of them right now. They’re similar to the puffer boots. Still, they. Still, they appear a bit more sophisticated. Additionally, the snow boots that have wrap-around laces are very trendy at the moment.

3. Wide Leg Silhouettes

Pants for puddles were featured on several of the winter lists of trends I’ve read, and while I can’t imagine the women following this blog going this much, wide-leg silhouettes are where pant trends are heading this season and are more comfortable to wear.

I hope to get more of these by spring, so consider testing them today. I recently purchased these excellent American Palazzo pants to try out, and I’ve compiled a few additional jeans alternatives below.

4. Leather

The leather trend was huge for the fall season, and it’s staying around through winter. Leather blazers appear on nearly every winter fashion list I’ve read. I’m also seeing plenty of dresses made from leather and tops at my preferred retailers. Of course, faux leather pants and coated denim are an easy way to participate in this style.

5. Big Scarves

This is a style that anyone can appreciate… so it is a place that has real winter. I typically wear my coat with it. However, if you are a fan of it, you could dress it up with the top of a sweater to keep warm inside. Traditional oval, long designs are the most popular.

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