Cricket Officially Included in Los Angeles 2028 Olympic Games

Cricket Officially Included in Los Angeles 2028 Olympic Games

With the announcement that cricket will be included in the Olympic Games of 2028 in Los Angeles, the International Cricket Council is marking a historical milestone. The International Olympic Committee formally approved this decision at its 141st Session in Mumbai. The IOC affirmed LA28’s recommendations. The return of cricket to the Olympics is a momentous event. It has yet to take place since 1900.

Cricket’s successful inclusion in the Olympic program results from a two-year comprehensive effort from the ICC. The ICC carefully crafted an impressive proposal aligning with LA28’s goal to provide an outstanding experience for local communities, athletes, supporters, partners, and other stakeholders.

Cricket has a rare opportunity to expand its international presence and attract new fans at the Los Angeles 2028 Olympic Games . The Games are renowned for having a global audience of over 3 billion viewers across digital and television platforms. The move will likely bring in new cricket fans.

ICC chairman Greg Barclay responded excitedly to the news, highlighting the importance of showcasing the sport at the LA28 Games and the possibility of future Olympic Games. The ICC Chairman expressed his gratitude for the International Olympic Committee’s unwavering trust and support of LA28 and the ICC to produce a high-quality event. This confirmation is noteworthy because it coincides with the ongoing ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup, which adds a layer of excitement. The return of cricket to the Olympics marks a historical and positive development in the sport. It opens up new opportunities and horizons for all. This inclusion is expected to foster a tremendous interest and growth in cricket globally and bring the sport closer for fans and athletes worldwide.

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